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Well, I wanted to bring you up to date on the happenings of the club. Last week Feb.10. we stayed over in the church as Pastor was doing a message about the heavens and had a movie to go along with that, and since we have been talking about new beginnings in club thought the kids would enjoy something different for club. Then Feb.17th we had club,had a short Bible lesson club song and pledge, then the girls helped Miss. Emily work on the 2 boards while the boys helped me organize the prize buckets and stickers in every ones bin.

February kick off

Last night the club kicked off with a great start as Mrs. Hite brought the Bible lesson and started the young ones off with another verse in sign language. We then had a special friend come by to get the club started on their cooking classes for the month. We would like to thank Chef Emily for taking this month to teach us somethings about cooking and safety in the kitchen. Stop in next week to see what she has for us.

January2016 Actvities

Hello, and welcome.

I just thought I would bring you up to dateĀ on the happenings in our club during the first month of the New Year.

January was sign language month and I think the kids did great on remembering the alphabet after being off for almost 2 months. We learned our first verse in sign language it is found in Pslam 111:10a,

Welcome Back for 2016!!!

Hello, I would love to invite you to come and join on some Wednesday night at the Lighthouse Bible Brigade. We try and have a lot of fun and learn some new and interesting things. Some of the things we are doing this year is sign language, cooking, move night, game night ect. The children are able to earn badges, we have club shirts, note books and bags also for those who join and come faithfully.

This is our club song!


Ephesians 6:13-18

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