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Attitude Why You Need to Guard it Carefully

By Bill Stephens, good article on how our attitude not only affects our very own lives but also the lives around us.

Does God Answer Prayer?  D. L. Moody

Does God Answer Prayer? 

I suppose there has been no word on Christians' lips so frequently at this time as the word "prayer," and there is not one in this hall who has not thought often, during the last forty-eight hours, of the importance of prayer.

Cast Your Cares By D. L. Moody

A great many people seem to embalm their troubles. I always feel like running away when I see them coming. They bring out their old mummy, and tell you in a sad voice: 

"You don't know the troubles I have!"

Motherhood By Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday (1862-1935), was a professional baseball player from 1883 to 1891 for Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia teams. He was converted through the street preaching of Harry Monroe of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. He left a $5,000 a year salary as a baseball player for a $75 a month for the previously evangelistic YMCA. From 1893 to 1895 was associated with J. Wilbur Chapman. He was an evangelist from 1893 to 1935. It is estimated that over 300,000 people walked the "sawdust trail" to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. (Adapted from "The Wycliffe Biographical Dictionary of the Church," page 387, Elgin S. Moyer, 1982, ©Moody Press, Chicago, IL)

What About the New King James Version?

Is it really that big of a deal? Is the NEW King James as good as the Old? Read more to find out!

The NIV Challenge

Try Answering These From Your NIV By Rex L. Cobb

Accidents, Not Punishments: C.H. Spurgeon

Accidents, Not Punishments Spurgeon preached this message in response to two disasters that had hit very close to home. On Sunday, August 25, 1861, a nightmarish collision between two trains in the Clayton Tunnel (a 1.5-mile long tunnel between London and Brighton) had claimed 23 lives and severely injured hundreds. Barely more than two weeks later, on Monday, September 2, another train wreck in Kentish Town Fields (in North London) claimed 15 more lives.

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