Well, I wanted to bring you up to date on the happenings of the club. Last week Feb.10. we stayed over in the church as Pastor was doing a message about the heavens and had a movie to go along with that, and since we have been talking about new beginnings in club thought the kids would enjoy something different for club. Then Feb.17th we had club,had a short Bible lesson club song and pledge, then the girls helped Miss. Emily work on the 2 boards while the boys helped me organize the prize buckets and stickers in every ones bin. We were supposed to cook, but our special guest had to be out of town at the last minute, so we decided to wait for him to get back ( we know he likes peach or apple fried pies) the kids had a great time helping make things nicer in the club house. We are still working on a few things but we have made a lot of progress. Please come join us and see how much fun we do have. Thanks Mrs. Bee

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