Casting All Your Care? Really?

     I posted the little article "Casting All Your Care" by D. L. Moody because of a recent experience I had with the Lord.

     I don't usually fret like most people, I hide it very well! Really though, I've been through many things over the years and by EXPERIENCE, I KNOW God will take care of me. I KNOW this because He has already, over and over provided, protected, comforted, cured, cared for, blessed, and so much more over and over again, to the point that I have begun to actually trust Him! This seems like a no brainer but to me its not. You would think it would be but,.... 

     Here's the deal. I need to take a online class in order to keep my job. This class is very important and itsn been said that few pass the test so I need to get things going so I can be prepared when testing time arrives. There are several things that have to happen first, forms to fill out, applications, resumes, and on and on. Every time I attempted to move forward nothing happened forms and documents submitted were either rejected or not recieved. Dead line approaching. Resubmit, correct documentation, resubmit. Over and over. Dead line approaching. I prayed, asked God's people at church to pray knowing that what ever would happen God would be the doer of it.

     One night, about 2:30am I am wide awake fretting about this problem! Honestly, I very rarely am waken or can't sleep because of a problem but it has happened. This time, I am wide awake, cannot sleep, for fretting over this stupid issue which I KNOW God will take care of. I prayed. Still can't sleep, I prayed again, still can't sleep. Now I have peace but I CANNOT SLEEP! Finally, I turned on Dr. Ruckman's Ad Lib Commentary an by coincidence, it is at the place in the New Testament where Peter is preaching to the Italian band. He is telling them the he personally knew the Lord Jesus. How wonderful He was to be around, what a great friend He is and so on. As I listened and really thought about the truth of Peter's description of the Lord, I began to acknowledge the truth and rejoiced in it. What joy filled my heart! I was reassured and comforted by the fact that God is good and He will take care of me! I was asleep in no time at all. 

     A few days later, same thing! about 2:30am I am wide awake. I go through the same thing only this time the Ad Lib Commentary is in the spot where Paul gets stoned and goes to the third Heaven and sees thing that he can not utter. He is talking to the Lord, looking at Heaven, and commenting on how beautiful it is! "They can't crucify you up here can they Lord?" "No Paul, they can't!" "They can't stone you up here can they Lord?" "No they can't, Paul!" "Is that where I'm going to live?!" "Yes, Paul." And on and on. Doc has a way with the music and at this point the tune of Be Still MY Soul has been playing and I began to think of the Heavenly abode where the saint will someday abide for ever in that land on a far away strand thats a beautiful home of the soul, where we will never grow old (or something like that the song just came to me).

     So listen. If you are like me and fret sometimes, I know you know the verses, just like I do, I know you can quote them from memory, just like I can, I know you can pray and get ahold of God especially in an emergency, just like anybody else, but get yourself a copy of the Ad Lib Commentary by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and enjoy it. Its better than TV, and it's almost as good as the preaching we get at our church. And if you don't know about that, well come on over and give us a visit! You will not be disappointed!

     Oh, by the way, everything worked out even when things went past the dead line and promotion codes expired. GOD IS GOOD!!