What About the New King James Version?

What About the New King James?

According to Wikipedia.com, “The NKJV translation project was conceived by Arthur Farstad. It was inaugurated in 1975 with two meetings (Nashville and Chicago) of 130 biblical scholars, pastors, and theologians. The men who were invited prepared the guidelines for the NKJV.’

‘The aim of its translators was to update the vocabulary and grammar of the King James Version, while preserving the classic style and literary beauty of the original 1611 KJV. The 130 translators believed in unyielding faithfulness to the original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew texts including the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also agreed upon for most New King James Bibles were easier event descriptions, a history of each book, and added dictionary and updated concordance.”

If this were indeed true then why:

  1. Is the command to STUDY removed from 2Timothy 2:15?
  2. Is CHANGED replaced with EXCHANGED in Romans 1:25? This takes away from the issue at hand.
  3. Is CORRUPT changed to peddle in 2Corinthians 2:17? Again, taking away from the issue at hand.
  4. No DEVILS in the New King James only DEMONS. Only Judas Iscariot is mentioned indirectly as being a devil.
  5. According to 2 Corinthians 5:17 are you an new creature or a new creation?
  6. According to 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is it love or charity?
  7. Am I saved NOW or am I being saved as in a process according to 1 Corinthians 1:18?
  8. Nobody is damned or is in danger of damnation in the New King James. (Mark 16:16, Matthew 23:14, 33)
  9. Is it the NEW TESTAMENT or the NEW COVENANT?
  10. What is a SATRAP according to Ezra 8:36?
  11. What happened to SATAN in Psalm 109:6
  12. Whose LOVE is perceived or known according to 1 John 3:16 in the NKJV.
  13. According to the NKJV the love of money is no longer the root of ALL evil, just “all kinds of evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)
  14. No more whales in the NKJV.
  15. Godliness IS a means of gain (1Timothy 4:8) but not according to the NKJV (1 Timothy 6:5)


This is just the short list. Most of the changes made in the NKJV match the changes made in other new perversions including the catholic bible! Can you live with that?

In just the New Testament alone the NKJV removes over 2,000 words

from the old King James Bible! (makes for less reading! I wonder what they did to the Old Testament?!)

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